Foresight is the new real estate currency

The unique opportunity to see tomorrow, now.

Value appreciates with time

Not many see beyond the horizon.

Invest in what does not perish

The new Greenhills Shopping Center will rise and
create shop-play-live environments of enduring
value for the community.

Your fastest growing investment

In no time at all, those who are farseeing will reap precious rewards.

A great investment appreciates over time.

What do you value most? Family, friendship, lasting relationships? We put constant thought and great effort into what’s important, knowing that in time we will reap the rewards.

Much like the Viridian. The 53-storey residential building that is set to rise at the heart of Greenhills. It is the lead development in the reinvention of the 16-hectare Greenhills Shopping Center.

In no time, the community that has shaped generations will be ready for the new. And those with the long-view will understand that this is, without a doubt, one of the best investments in the country today. In life, as in growing wealth, the farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.

Viridian in Greenhills. Forward thinking.

The luxury of dining and entertainment at your feet.

From a hub for value-shoppers, Greenhills Shopping Center is undergoing a P20 billion redevelopment plan that will transform it into a more exciting shop, play and live community.

  • The new Gloria Maris restaurant and Wafu are now in operation
  • The 3 new Promenade cinemas, which feature Dolby Atmos, the latest in sound technology, is completed
  • A new Unimart will rise in its new building
  • New basement parking spaces have been opened and can be accessed along Missouri Street beside the new Gloria Maris
  • Greener and more exciting Greenhills with more open space
  • The well-loved tiangge is given a new home in one roof with a bigger and wider area offering more variety for great shopping finds
  • Indoor shopping spaces are doubled to make room for a wider array of lifestyle and fashion brands
  • Outdoor shops line the facade, boutiques with easy access from the road and the open activity center add to a much improved shopping experience.
  • More dining choices will also be available to the discerning palate and an outdoor events area
  • Enjoy ease of access with a 2-level interconnected basement parking spanning the entire 16-hectare development
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